Our Story



Born in the heart of Iowa, Authentic Brand was founded with the mindset that collegiate fans deserve the best lifestyle gear at an incredible value. From our premium fabrics to intricate details, Authentic Brand strives to bring all fans the most impeccable styles, showing the world what colors they bleed.




Our team of designers, visionaries, and production professionals create pieces that offer the best quality and fit at a price you deserve. We AREN’T just a screen printer or t-shirt shop. We're involved every step of the way, from concept to production to delivery of each piece. 




Think you’ve heard the name Authentic Brand? You probably have.

We’ve partnered with some of the best colleges in the Midwest to provide apparel that lives up to their fan base’s authenticity. Find our name proudly displayed at select college football & basketball games and everywhere else in between. You might even get the chance to catch some of our premium t-shirts while you’re there! See some of the biggest names in the sports community (from head coaches to sidelines reporters to broadcasters) looking & feeling their best in Authentic Brand gear on game days.




TCB Companies

TCB Companies owns, designs, and manufactures the Authentic Brand line. If you are a business owner or branding professional looking to elevate your company merchandise, insist on the Authentic Brand label from your supplier! If your company does not have a supplier or if your supplier does not offer Authentic Brand products, visit

Authentic Brand offers a complete line of blanks, or can work with your supplier to offer fully made to order products. Learn more about our creative solutions for companies and organizations at TCB-COMPANIES.COM